Yes!  Our Elk Antler Dog Treats and Chews help your dog engage in their natural instinct to chew without risk of swallowing harmful substances such as plastic or rope toys.  Always use caution; however, when offering your dog antler dog chews to make sure their activity is supervised.  Buy the antler chew that is the appropriate size for your dog.  Once the antler has been worn down to the point it fits in their mouth and you cannot see it, we advise it be taken away.

We sell the highest grade antler which is this year’s shed.  This is the most durable antler you can buy.  Over time, like all bone, antler will dry out if left out in the elements.  As long as your dog is chewing the appropriate size for their size and aggressiveness, it is not likely to splinter or break.  If you cannot see the antler in your dogs mouth, it is too small for them to chew.

Absolutely not!  Deer species shed their antler every year in the wild.  The antler is collected from the ground and processed by cutting with a band saw to provide these delicious treats for dogs.

Our antler is not altered, treated, or modified in any way.  It is 100% natural.  

Antler chews last many times longer than typical dog chews.  They have a soft meaty middle and a hard antler outside to provide hours of chewing enjoyment for your dog.  These dog chews last weeks to months depending on the aggressiveness of your dog’s chewing.

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